Leadership Development & Media Training for Principals & Deputy heads

The workshop is specifically targeted at the calibre of participants because they are the management cadre that provide leadership, direction and effectively manage the schools. They also implement government education policies and directives. As education managers, the identified areas which were determined from the apparent skills gap in those areas are very germane to effective and efficient performance.


The workshop is aimed at correcting deficient values, instilling value adding ones and re-orienting our school managers towards better schools management as it concerns the above-mentioned areas. Germane to this workshop is the issue of moral and ethical issues in teacher education

The workshop topics are varied in nature and will cover the below highlighted through the leadership series which will focus on the following:


  •      Defining the Five Pillars of Leadership: Leadership, Management, Command, Accountability and Control
  •      Role, Skills and Styles
  •      Communication and Information Management
  •      Problem-Solving
  •      Coaching and Motivation
  •      Team Building and Management of Change
  •      Decision-making process
  •      Leadership, Ethics and Etiquette

Moral and Ethical Issues in Teacher Education

  •      Issues of Professional Ethics in Education
  •      Ethical Dilemmas’ faced by School leaders
  •      Codes of Ethics for principals and Administrators
  •      Ethical Decision Making:  Is it a Fantasy or Reality for Principals?
  •      Understanding Foundations for Moral & Character Education
  •      Why Moral Education?
  •      How far can a School influence morality?
  •      How far can a school influence a pupil’s morality?
  •      Moral Education in the Curriculum for Excellence
  •      Traits of Character Education

    Responsibility
    Perseverance
    Caring
    Self-discipline
    Citizenship
    Honesty
    Fairness
    Integrity

1.    The workshop will further boost capacity development amongst the managers of public secondary school education in the state
2.    It will resuscitate a performance consciousness of teachers to develop a culture of excellent service delivery as expected in the line of duty
3.    The application of corporate ethical culture as a necessary ingredient in positively transforming the school administration is needed.
4.    This approach will restore professionalism otherwise all attempts to change the school will be mirage.
5.    Increased effectiveness of these School Managers leading to efficient management of resources
6.    Change in perspectives, paradigms and orientation towards increased value-output by school managers thereby boosting quality and profile of such managers and improving ratings/rankings of schools in Ogun state
7.    Recognition and Appreciation from other stakeholders in the investment State Education Sector

We propose that the workshop retreat holds at the three senatorial districts to allow all principals partake during the academic session for immediate implementation of ideas and learning points. The workshop we also propose will be declared open by His Excellency The governor of Ogun state, Governor Ibikunle Amosun or his delegate.

The conference will run on the finally selected topics and will cover four (4) topics per day via morning and evening sessions. The fine details of the process will be included in the workshop programme to be designed

Hands-on Training
For Professionals and Executives


Experts in Talent Development and Business Consultancy


Training Locations


Holiday Inn, Wembley London



Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Opposite Burjuman Shopping Mall

Dubai, UAE


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