Strategic Planning & Innovation in the Oil and Gas Sector




Atlanta, USA, // London (UK)  //   Dubai


Price & Duration:    2 Weeks  //  1 Week





 $ 4,900 for 1 Week

 $ 8,000 for 2 weeks


Dates: To be agreed with clients


This course is designed mainly for management employees involved at the strategic level ; however we encourage organizations to send all employees to this course. Innovation could come from any section or level within the organization


These Course looks at Innovation from three different Perspectives:

•       The Concept of Innovation Management

•       Managing Technology and Knowledge

•       New Product Development.

Its applicability to the Oil and Gas Sector




Learning objectives

•       Recognise the importance of innovation

•       Explain the meaning and nature of innovation management

•       Provide an introduction to a management approach to innovation

•       Appreciate the complex nature of the management of innovation within organisations

•       Describe the changing views of innovation over time

•       Recognise the role of key individuals within the process

•       Recognise the need to view innovation as a management process



Pause for thought 

•       Not all firms develop innovative new products, but they still seem to survive. Do they thrive?


•       If two different firms, similar in size, operating in the same oil and gas industry spend the same on R&D, will their level of innovation be the same?


Surely all innovations start with an idea and end with a product or service, does that not make it a linear process?



What is the difference between an unsuccessful innovation and an invention?


Finally: Explain the view that invention is easy but innovation is difficult?


Hands-on Training
For Professionals and Executives


Experts in Talent Development and Business Consultancy


Training Locations


Holiday Inn, Wembley London



Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Opposite Burjuman Shopping Mall

Dubai, UAE


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