Modelling Business Processes 


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Course Overview 

This course focuses on practical techniques for improving business processes. It looks at a range of process modelling techniques, including when to use them and how they are used, as well as processes for the analysis, evaluation and improvement of processes.

The course concentrates on improving the delegates’ ability to analyse and improve business processes through the use of practical business analysis techniques. Furthermore, this course shows delegates how to implement varying process modelling strategies, including the organisational view and more detailed models.

This course covers modelling approaches towards change, which are used to accomplish heightened quality of services and improved efficiency. By attending this course, delegates will acquire business operations knowledge that can be subsequently used to analyse systems and identify where improvement is needed. They will be fully prepared to assist the progress of change in a practical manner. Fundamental modelling process skills will be developed as well as a range of frameworks that they can implement in their own department.

 Learning Outcomes

It is expected that by the end of this Modelling Business Processes training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Discuss business process improvement concepts and procedures
  • Analyse business operations and evaluate their objectives and efficiency
  • Investigate processes and how job roles are performed
  • Implement measures to achieve process improvement
  • Interpret structures for remodelling processes

Course Outline

The content of this training course covers a range of subjects to provide delegates with a broad understanding of Modelling Business Processes.


Context for Business Process Modelling

  • The Purpose of Business Process Modelling
  • The Process for Business Process Modelling
  • Approaches to Business Process Modelling
  • Hierarchy of Business Processes
  • Differences between the Process and Functional View of a Business
  • Relationships between Processes
  • Developing an Organisational View of Processes


Modelling the Business Processes

  • Activity Diagrams
  • Modelling As-Is Business Processes
  • What causes Business Processes
  • Outcomes from Business Processes
  • Timelines for Business Processes
  • Business Process Measures


Documenting Tasks

  • Identifying Tasks
  • Documenting Steps to Complete Tasks
  • Documenting Business Rules
  • Task Performance Measures


Evaluating and Improving Business Processes

  • Identifying Problems with the As-Is Business Processes
  • Analysing the Process Flow
  • Analysing the Handoffs
  • Analysing Tasks
  • Staff Performance Issues
  • Challenging Business Rules
  • Modelling the To-Be Business Processes
  • Approaches to Business Process Improvement



  • Integration of Business Process Modelling and Requirements Definition
  • Issues with Implementation
  • Organisational Design
  • Role Definition
  • Staff Development
  • Managing Change Implementation

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Training Locations


Holiday Inn, Wembley London



Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Opposite Burjuman Shopping Mall

Dubai, UAE


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