Managing Cash Flow in an economic downturn

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Protect Your Cash and Liquidity

With the global economy in crisis, companies are seriously challenged to maintain desired profit margins and generate the cash and liquidity required to fund normal operations. There are strategies, however, that can help you cope:

  • Ensure healthy cash flows. Because it is the company’s primary source of cash, you must manage your ac- counts receivable to make sure that the amount and timing of critical cash flows are not compromised. For example, you can accelerate the cash conversion cycle with process improvements that streamline the receivables cycle.
  • Gain greater visibility into the sources and uses of your cash. Get a complete view of your entire financial value chain. The resulting insight can improve your ability to forecast cash and optimize overall cash management.
  • Increase control over cash on hand. Manage the cash you have to provide maximum value for your business. Such control, however, is particularly challenging for companies with global operations that have cash balances fragmented across many banks in different geographies. Get better connected to your banks, and pursue the best cash strategies for your company.

Accelerate the Cash Conversion Cycle

With external financing from capital markets and banks increasingly difficult to obtain, companies must rely on their commercial cash flows to provide adequate cash and liquidity to fund normal operations.

Adopt a Credit-to-Cash Model

You can manage cash-flow risks even before a sale is made. Here’s one exam- ple. This challenging economy may well affect a company’s ability to meet cur- rent obligations,

Ensure Liquidity After the Sale

After the sale, companies must ensure the customer’s payment is received and converted to cash quickl

Accelerate the Cash Conversion Cycle

With external financing from capital markets and banks increasingly difficult to obtain,




End-to-End Views of the Financial Value Chain

Forecasting, control, and stewardship of a company’s cash flows are vital functions. And to manage cash and liquidity precisely, corporate treasury departments require accurate and time- ly visibility into the company’s sources and uses of cash


Obstacles in the Way

Treasury analysts need access to up-to- the-minute financial data to assess cash requirements and build more accurate cash forecasts – especially for short- term requirements.


Benefits of Integration

Today treasurers must make critical decisions quickly. The information- gathering time lag can be a significant liability. How can we streamline the information cycle?





Get Closer to Your Money

During difficult economic conditions, treasury departments want even more control over cash balances and the receipt and disbursement of cash across the company. This is particularly crucial to global companies that typically collect, hold, and disburse cash from multiple locations around the world.

Establish the Right Cash Strategy

Once bank connectivity is established, companies have more flexibility in their banking strategies.




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