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Price:                  £4,850  FOR 2 Weeks

Duration:            £3,450  FOR 1 Week


February 12, 2018

March 12, 2018

April 9, 2018

May 7, 2018

June 11, 2018

July 9, 2018

August 6, 2018

September 10, 2018

October 8, 2018

November 12, 2018

December 3, 2018


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Acquisitions mergers and alliances are the in thing. They come as the alternative and complementary ways through which companies are adapting to dramatic change in the industry and national environments.

The workshop examines the full range of strategic management issues involved in successfully executing acquisitions, mergers and strategic alliances. Alliances can be forged to beat competition without going through avoidable training and management burdens of acquisition

 Why choose this programme?

This programme aims to give you comprehensive insight into mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. You'll learn to:

  • develop a corporate acquisitions strategy
  • value target companies
  • handle post-merger integration.

 Who is this programme for?

  • Senior corporate executives, business unit managers and advisors who want to further develop their company's acquisitions strategy.
  • People preparing for their first acquisition attempt who want an end-to-end view of the entire process.
  • Experienced acquirers who want to codify their knowledge to pass it on to their peers.

 How will this programme benefit your organisation?

Defining an acquisitions strategy and understanding the frameworks and tools behind mergers and acquisitions will allow your organisation to use mergers, acquisitions and divestments to gain a competitive edge and increase shareholder value.


  • Understand the step by step process of forming an alliance
  • Develop skills to get the best partners
  • Enhance your bargaining power and negotiate the best deal for your organization
  • Learn to design an effective management process
  • Build trust and understanding and create win win deals
  • Learn the secret of alliance management

 Programme content

  1. Assess the strategic role of mergers and acquisitions, explore different logics for acquisitions and their role in your firm's corporate strategy and look at developing an acquisition strategy.
  2. Evaluate the value acquisition targets and estimate the impact of mergers and acquisitions on reported performance.
  3. Discuss the different ways to finance acquisitions including using leverage. You'll also work on negotiation strategies.
  4. Discuss a variety of post-acquisition integration strategies and how to best implement them.
  5. Basis of alliances including the strategic operational fits



Also the programme will cover the following topics:


  • Evaluating partners for best strategy
  • Forms and types
  • Steps involved
  • Legal requirements
  • Selecting partners and targets
  • Structuring the relationship
  • Organizational issues
  • Designing an effective management process
  • Strategic use of acquisitions mergers and alliances

Hands-on Training
For Professionals and Executives


Experts in Talent Development and Business Consultancy


Training Locations


Holiday Inn, Wembley London



Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel

Opposite Burjuman Shopping Mall

Dubai, UAE


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