Facilitating Change Management

In the current economic climate, all organisations are experiencing the impacts of change and many could now benefit from the practical knowledge of how to manage change.

Change is necessary for all organizations. Whether the change is positive or negative, organizations need to prepare for change and avoid being simply reactive.

Fundamental Issues of Change!

  • How much change is enough?
  • How fast should change take place?
  • How should the need for continual changes be balanced against the need for a minimum level of stability and continuity?
  • Who should be the major players in change processes, and what should their roles be?
  • Who, exactly, is likely to benefit and who could be harmed by particular changes?


Strategy: The organization’s main strategy or strategies might need to be changed. Top managers will likely be involved in determining the new strategy, while lower-level managers are in charge of implementing the new strategy.
Structure: Changing the basic structure of the organization might need to be changed, especially if the overall strategy changes. A new organizational structure must support the strategy, and major anxiety might develop among the staff, whose jobs may change or even be eliminated.
Systems: Formal processes or procedures may be needed if the strategy and/or structure change.
Technology: Most organizations must change technology just to keep up with External Forces: competitors, customer expectations, etc.
Shared values and culture: Changing an organization’s embedded traditions and values can be very difficult, especially for long-standing employees.
Staff: Changes to staff may include: (1) Who the people are; (2) What their attitudes and expectations are; (3) How they interact interpersonally; and (4) How they are trained or developed.

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